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“It is important that there be teamwork between spiritual guides and psychological professionals. If we are talking about the health of a human being, we are not just talking about the body or even the emotions; we are talking about the whole range of human potential including spiritual health.”
Thomas Keating

Cedric Speyer

Cedric Speyer is a Benedictine oblate, author, Registered Psychotherapist (RP) and Reiki practitioner. Cedric provides a psychospiritual paradigm for helping professionals, based on the integration of therapeutic best practices with religious or spiritual development. As a Clinical Supervisor, he developed a therapeutic model called InnerView, and the 4Fold Path map for an overview depicting the sequences of soul work.  

Cedric pioneered online counselling on a large scale in Canada and helped establish its credibility as an effective therapeutic modality.  He trained, supervised and mentored EAP clinical counsellors for 16 years before establishing InnerView Guidance International (IGI).

The vision of IGI is bringing the worlds of psychotherapy and spiritual mentoring together for the professional development of helping practitioners.

See Cedric’s LinkedIn profile page for more bio background.

Maria da Silva

Maria brings experience in psychotherapy and spiritual direction to IGI. She is a member of the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario and the Canadian Association for Spiritual Care. She earned graduate degrees in English Literature as well as Theological Studies. Maria has worked as a spiritual care practitioner since 1994 in a variety of health care settings and in the community with individuals released from prison. She taught Literature and Humanities at the community college level prior to becoming a spiritual care practitioner. Maria co-founded IGI, contributes to the ongoing development of the InnerView model, and oversees IGI projects.

John Yaphe

John Yaphe is a family physician with a special interest in counselling. He has an MDCM degree from the Faculty of Medicine at McGill University and a Master’s degree in family medicine from the University of Western Ontario. He also completed specialty training in family medicine at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, with a focus on rural medicine. He was a senior lecturer in the Department of Family Medicine at Tel Aviv University for 9 years. John spent a sabbatical year at the University of Oxford in England in 1999 where he did research on teaching and learning medicine through patients’ stories. His major research interest there was in developing methods of teaching doctor-patient communication. He is currently associate professor in community health in the School of Medicine of the University of Minho in Portugal where he teaches the Family, Society, and Health course and supervises student research. John has been an online counsellor from 2004 to the present and has published journal articles and book chapters on counselling.  

DeeAnna Nagel

DeeAnna Nagel is a former psychotherapist turned wellness coach and Intuitive. She teaches coaches and therapists about alternative approaches to health and wellness, among other topics, and how to deliver these services ethically, whether in-person or via distance technology. She is considered a thought leader in the fields of online therapy and coaching as well as distant healing. In addition to life and wellness coaching credentials, she is certified in aromatherapy and energy healing. She is also commissioned as a Stephen Minister.

DeeAnna loves guiding others through the use of the written word. She accomplishes this with students through conscious and curated course design, with professionals through one-to-one mentoring and consultation and via email with seekers and clients, a process she calls Restorative Soul Writing.

Thomas Francoeur

“Happiness comes from giving of oneself.” – Tom Francoeur

T om Francoeur (1921-2014) is the godfather of the spiritual psychology we now call InnerView. Over his sixty year career, Francoeur helped countless clients, seekers and students discern what the soul wants in any life situation, no matter how difficult or painful.  When you were in his presence, you gained a palpable sense of Tom’s wisdom, sense of humanity and humor, and openness to grace.

This video profile of Tom illustrates the depth and breadth of his steady gaze on the essential goodness of persons: Tom Francoeur: A Mighty Kindness

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