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"When you are compassionate with yourself, you trust in your soul, which you let guide your life.
Your soul knows the geography of your destiny better than you do."  

John O’Donohue

What is InnerView Guidance?

InnerView is the soul knowledge it takes to navigate the interior landscape with a new map, the 4Fold Path map. Psychology for what the soul wants. InnerView Guidance is the process of aligning the feelings, needs, values and purposes which allow our inner and outer worlds to be congruent. It’s about closing the gap between one’s persona in the world and the summons of true personhood; to be within yourself what you would like to foster in the world at large. It’s the landscape of what the soul wants and it involves listening closely to the nuanced voice of wisdom. No matter how brief or long-term, it is a therapeutic journey from:

  • our present predicament to our preferred state
  • repeating patterns to empowered choices
  • circumstantial discouragement to purpose-driven hope
  • what doesn’t really matter to what matters most
  • what doesn’t belong to us to ‘owning’ what does
  • nursing wounds of the past to initiating new beginnings
  • what needs to be released to manifesting our soul vision  

    It is a matter of looking at the human condition through a telescope rather than a microscope. We need to always be searching for the full moon in a person’s life and what it can illuminate, no matter how eclipsed its light.

    As Rumi told us in the 13th century:

    Sometimes it’s like mining for specks of gold in a dark cave. It’s the flashlight beam that shines a few yards forward in the dark woods, or the tuning fork that sounds the keynote in our soul.

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