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"We are born, so to speak, provisionally, it doesn't matter where. It is only gradually that we compose within ourselves our true place of origin so that we may be born there retrospectively and each day more definitely."
Your soul knows the geography of your destiny better than you do."  

Rainer Maria Rilke

InnerView Professional Consultations

If you are a helping professional (e.g. coach, counsellor, therapist, minister) who would like a professional consultation, we can ‘soulstorm’ how to apply InnerView principles and methods to your practice. Simply fill out the contact form below. You will receive a free written response within two business days, after which we can continue the dialogue by means of email, phone, or video sessions according to the need and feasibility. Fees for the ongoing service are at your own discretion depending on your means, selected from a sliding scale.

The difference between standard counselling or therapy and InnerView Guidance is that we view clients on a quest for meaning, on a path bringing them closer to that which we call God, or on a journey of awakening. All therapeutic practices help clients overcome emotional or psychological obstacles on their path. However InnerView practitioners, using their own expertise and experience, also encourge clients to establish or develop a spiritual foundation aligned with their individual values or sacred legacy.

The call to soul growth is common to people of all faiths, religions and traditions, and across all walks of life and social standing. When we consult about challenging aspects of your practice, we are also looking through the viewfinder of your own beliefs, faith, or spiritual journey. All genuine religious experience points towards becoming fully human. Yet that often involves the following familiar growing pains when you are guiding people through what you as a ‘wounded healer’ know intimately to some degree.

  • You have been to the crossroads where you had to discern which life direction to take
  • You seek to extricate yourself from old habits, patterns, and emotional entanglements.
  • You know what matters most, yet need to know more about how to manifest it daily.
  • You may still wonder what it will take to be fully aligned with what your soul wants.
  • You realize power, prestige and pleasure are false gods and so seek your real passion.

We are here to help you, the helper, tune into your inner voice of wisdom when faced with client life situations and predicaments. In an InnerView Professional Consultation, we explore how universal elements of faith, religious experience, or spiritual practice can be a wellspring of hope, confidence and renewed strength for those you guide. Perhaps some clients are already well versed with spiritual practice and need your psychotherapeutic perspective. On the other hand, others may be dealing with emotional or psychological issues, yet need more spiritual guidance than most therapists provide. InnerView practitioners ideally bring the best of both worlds to the helping and healing relationship. In all cases you have a map, the 4Fold Path map which we will ‘read’ together to navigate your role as a guide at the crossroads.

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