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"“One must marry one’s feelings to one’s beliefs and ideas.
That is probably the only way to achieve a measure of harmony in one’s life.”  

Etty Hillesum

InnerView Personal Consultations

If you are a helping professional (e.g. coach, counsellor, therapist, minister) who would like a private personal consultation, we can ‘soulstorm’ how to apply InnerView principles and practices to your own psychospiritual path. Simply fill out the contact form below. You will receive a free written response within two business days, after which we can continue the dialogue by means of email, phone, or video sessions according to the need and feasibility. Fees for the ongoing service are at your own discretion, depending on your means, selected from a sliding scale. Although this service is not psychotherapy, the psychoeducation provided does pertain to personal issues being shared.

InnerView Guidance is a form of therapeutic support rooted in soul growth. We’re rediscovering the ‘soul knowledge’ of psychology. We look beneath the surface of life circumstances and the perspective of mental and emotional health, to the personal evolution which makes sense of it all.  As the name InnerView implies, you are on the adventure of an inner journey as well as an outer one – whether that journey is a quest for deeper meaning, the result of a spiritual awakening, or growing closer to that which we call God.  Along with your professional training and experience, doing your own soul work allows you  to guide others as they connect with their inner voice of wisdom, map out the terrain of religious or spiritual life, or bring more clarity to what the soul wants.

Genuine spirituality usually includes an awareness of timeless truths which reorient us in the face of adversity. Or you could simply be learning to follow life’s lead more intuitively.  When you’re on a path of becoming more conscious of aligning your inner self with your outer life or life situation, you’re doing what is called tikkun olam in the Jewish tradition – your part of repairing the world at large. Christian faith is about new life arising out of death and the peace which surpasses understanding. The Sufis speak of a true human being.  Many call it personal and collective evolution. You may know it by another name: spark of the divine, higher self, inner teacher, original nature. It’s what allows you to become whole.  Centred.  At peace.  Closer to God.  Awakened.  The state of being is more important than how it’s named. Whatever you call it, in the end it names you.

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